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                  Photo by J. F. W. Kimber

“As a violist who also composes, I’m naturally inclined to write music that
I myself will enjoy playing. Sounding ‘contemporary’ is rarely my intent;
my ‘style’ has depended on the kind of music I’m writing. I’ve found much
inspiration in writing music evocative of other times and places, and every
time and place suggests its own unique style. ”

                      —Michael Kimber
   a 2010 recipient of the American Viola Society’s Founders Award
            in recognition of his compositions for viola.

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Thinking of copying music instead of purchasing it?

Polish violist Marcin Murawski has recorded
eight CDs of Michael Kimber’s music.
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Here is a sample from CD #4:
the first three minutes of Night Music
for solo viola and string orchestra.

Here are links to some of the many
performances of Michael Kimber’s music .

Here are links to audio recordings of the composer
performing some of his own solo viola music.

Here is a list of some of the many
past performances
of Michael Kimber’s music.
(This is no longer updated on a regular basis.)


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